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"GPS TO SUCCESS - November 4th, 2023"
This Will Be A LIVE EVENT In Eau Claire, WI
8 AM to 5 PM

  • Create, Identify, And Plan Your Very Best Life For 2024
  • ​Learn How To Implement Daily Habits To Achieve More Success 
  • Utilize the 4 step process to manifesting more prosperity and abundance
  • ​ Identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your results
  • ​Discover the simple one minute formula to help you live more intentionally
  • ​Upload your personal GPS to help guide you to achieving all your goals
  • Design Your Detailed Plan To Get The Business And Life You Desire in 2023

Testimonials From Previous GPS To Success Attendees

Dr. Lona Cook

I have thoroughly enjoyed the years I have gotten to attend and work through the GPS Summit! Both years, Dr. Jay's ability to choose content, speakers, and space to work through attendee's own visions and dreams has led to breakthroughs for my business and life.  I 100% recommend this seminar to those who could use a curated space to dream and let your vision take form!

with love,
Lona Cook D.C.

Dr. Chris Lilja

What a great conference! I was considering skipping this year's event because of a poor thought process regarding time and money. I am so glad we went! While I have always received great value from Dr. Jay and his team in the past, I obviously needed to regroup and recharge with my associate Dr. Ashley and forge a plan for our best year ever.

I have taken the tools reviewed at the seminar and reset our focus to implement some exciting new changes in the clinic that will help us crush our goals. But this seminar/business conference is much more than your business goals. It helps you look into your soul and figure out how closely you're living up to your "highest self" in business and life. It outlines a formula for success in a way that clears a pathway to a congruent lifestyle based on your "core values", to understand yourself, create better relationships, to hold yourself accountable and much more!

I only wish that this conference was held more than once a year!
Hint - Hint ;0)

We have already planned to return next year.
See you there!  

Dr. Sandy Ager

The GPS to Success Summit is a non-negotiable, must attend for anyone who wants to grow either personally or professionally next year.  There is not a person on the planet who would not benefit from this day.  Dr. Jay is masterful at helping you identify what's holding you back and what you need to let go of to get to the next level in your business, relationships, finances, and health.  People pay thousands for seminars like this.  The value Dr. Jay and his team provide is tremendous.  See you next year!

Chapin Turner (Small Business Owner)

The summit confirmed a lot of my current thinking and gave me confidence that I’m moving in the right direction, while showing me how to streamline my routine to be even more like the successful people I got to be surrounded with and ask questions too.  For me it also put a spotlight on what I am able to control in my day to day life that will ultimately help me reach my goals. A good reminder that we should always strive for self improvements & personal growth.

Killy Kitzmann (Personal Trainer)

Walking into a summit I was a little hesitant as to what I was going to take away from it. However, I'm sitting here a few days later reflecting on what I learned from just the opening comments of Dr.Jay LaGuardia. Multiple times in my life have I heard people speak on making changes in life for the better, but rarely have I ever been taught anything besides a rip off of the statement "love yourself". From analyzing goals of mine for the year 2022 to looking into the why of each goal, I was pushed to really open my heart and mind to the possibilities that I am 100% capable of. Not only was Dr. Jay inspiring and informative but his other speakers provided a complimentary dialogue that was engaging and thought provoking. I not only am looking forward to tackling 2022 but coming back to next year's summit in order to further continue down the TripleP life.

Dr. Matt Kingston

The GPS to Success is an event that will help guide you to your dreams.  Many of us do not know our dreams or at least have not written them down in any meaningful way.  The cursed hows and naysayers in our own head start at us before we even finish writing our goals, and the GPS helps you understand why you have these emotions and how to overcome them.  The environment is one of Love, appreciation, and acceptance and we all share as a community.  Without the correct setting, there will never be the right time to work on your mind to raise your awareness of what you really want and also, setting up the commitments to achieve your dreams.  I would advise everyone who is serious about their evolution and success to figure out what you really want.  Then write the plan to achieve the life of your dreams.  The GPS summit to success is a wonderful tool to help you envision your goals and set a path to achieve them.

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Dr. Jay LaGuardia Host

Best-Selling Author On Amazon, Founder Of the Power Passion Prosperity Podcast, Entrepreneur, 30+ Years Experience as a Chiropractor, Multiple Practice Owner/Operator, and Consultant

Dr. Eddie Hall - Speaker

Co-Founder of TriplePLife, Built A Successful Six-Figure Chiropractor Business in under 2 years, Nutritional Expert, Coach, And More

WJ Vincent II - Speaker

Co-Founder Of TriplePlife, Website Development Expert, Social Media and Internet Marketing Professional, Programmer, Author, Coach, and More

Dr. Pete Pfeffer - Special Training

Dr. Pete Pfeffer a renowned expert with the Enneagram  will be teaching how this special information can change your business and your life.

Chase Thornock

Chase is a world-leading autoimmune coach that challenges audiences to take radical control of their health.
Two years after graduating from a top 5 business program, Chase was selected as the CEO of a venture backed software company and seemingly on top of the world, but behind it all, he was incredibly sick with a severe autoimmune disease. After multiple surgeries, being fed through a line to his heart, and almost dying from sepsis, the doctors informed him that they had nothing left to help him. Then came his vision of clarity: If he wanted to live, only he could make it happen. The doctors couldn't do it for him; he had to create the healing he sought. Through deep connection to his autonomic nervous system he learned how to master his mind and his body. He re-ignited his body's innate healing power. Now he shares his revolutionary techniques with health care professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs around the world to help them heal by reconnecting their minds and their bodies. Chase, his effervescent wife, and 3 daring little boys travel the world full-time speaking, meeting clients, and fly fishing as much as possible.
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