Urgent Letter From Dr. Jay Laguardia Reveals…

How to Eliminate Your Stress & Fear Around Money, Break Free From Burnout, And 2x or Even 3x Your Business Profits In The Next 12 Months…

So That You Can Experience True Freedom And Flexibility As An Entrepreneur

From: Dr. Jay Laguardia
To: Frustrated Business Owners

Can I ask you a question…?

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume it wasn’t so that you could work a ton of hours, have zero flexibility, and constantly be stressed about money…

All so that you can just barely get by each month.

Yet the majority of entrepreneurs fall into this trap.

You tell yourself you want to start a business because you want to make an impact in your community, create financial freedom, have the flexibility to spend more time with your family, etc.

Only those dreams never come to fruition.

Instead, you’re stuck working 50, 60, or maybe even 80 hours per week.

Your business is a prison because you’re shackled to it. If you take time off, the wheels stop moving and money stops coming in.

And each month you’re scrambling, fighting, desperately trying to make enough cash to make a slim bit of profit.

So logically, you invest in some books, maybe even a seminar or two so that you can learn the latest and greatest business tactics.

Because that’s what you must be missing out on right?

Only these new tactics don’t work.

Or maybe they work for a month or two and then it’s back to the deserts of zero profits.

Then you rinse and repeat this same cycle, fighting to keep the business alive.

With each passing day, your P&L sheets get tighter and tighter and your hair gets grayer and grayer.

This never-ending battle, fighting to barely get by, while simultaneously sacrificing your family, friends, and any hopes of a social life is what I call…

"The Sinkhole of Survival."

Where no matter how hard you fight to go from “just surviving” to actually having a thriving and profitable business.

You keep getting sucked back into “survival mode”.

And here’s the thing, when you’re in survival mode you make the wrong decisions and push away all of your goals.

Because you aren’t focused on thriving and reaching goals - you’re just trying to survive the day…

So instead of focusing on generating new revenue and growing your business you get sucked into spending your days putting out fires.

Or maybe you have a few good months where business is booming, then before you know it...revenue drops.

And rather than positioning your business (and yourself) as the expert authority and leader in your community you're stuck envying competition.

More worried about what they're doing instead of how YOU can grow your business.

All of which are symptoms of "The Sinkhole of Survival".

Following me so far?

After coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs and high-performers I saw people just like you falling into this sinkhole.

So I knew I had to come up with a solution to help people escape the sinkhole of survival and actually start thriving as an entrepreneur.

Because after all of your hard work and sacrifice, you deserve to reap the rewards.

After hundreds of coaching sessions, countless deep talks with clients, and lots of experimentation.

I discovered the concept of “tuning in your radio.”

Seem strange? I know, just bare with me for a second.

You see, when you’re stuck in the sinkhole of survival your brain is tuned into scarcity mode (like a tuned-in radio.)

And scarcity mode is where all of your dreams of a profitable business that gives you freedom go to die.

In scarcity mode, money will avoid you like the plague.

Your bank account will dry up like the Sahara desert.

You’ll spend the rest of your life scared, stressed, and constantly worried about money.

So we NEED to get you tuned into a different radio station.

When I implemented this with a few clients, I was shocked.

The results were baffling to say the least.

And all we did was simply "re-tune" their radio.

When we “re-tuned” their radio from scarcity to abundance…

Incredible things started to happen.

Rather than living in a constant state of never having enough, not feeling good enough about themselves, and sliding back into the sinkhole of survival…

They began living in a state of abundance.

And that abundance led to prosperous results…

Like record-breaking profits in their business.

Money began flowing to them like a gushing river.

Their business began running like a well-oiled machine (even with them on vacation).

The results were so astounding, I couldn't just keep them to myself.

I knew I had to share this with as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Because, like I said, you deserve to reap the rewards of all your hard work and sacrifice...

Now if you’re still reading this it's safe to say you’re sick and tired of the current state of your business.

Barely getting by with slim profit margins, having ZERO time to spend with family or friends, and feeling absolutely burned out and frustrated as a business owner.

I want to help.

Below are the details to an exclusive mastermind I put together for entrepreneurs just like YOU.

The Money Mindset Mastermind.

To help YOU escape the sinkhole of survival and re-tune your radio to that of abundance instead of scarcity.

So that money begins flowing to you (and your bank accounts), you’re no longer chained to your business, and you can begin to reap the benefits of being a successful entrepreneur.

All without the fear, stress, or burnout you’re dealing with now.

After you read through the details below, there’s an exclusive invitation for you to join the Money Mindset Mastermind.

Because of the insane amount of coaching, support, and resources we provide mastermind members, we only work with a select amount of business owners at one time.

So if you’re tired of just getting by and just doing “okay” in business and want to start thriving with a profitable business that provides you with freedom and flexibility…

Now is the time to take action…

Join The Money Mindset Today & Get INSTANT Access

The Money Mindset Mastermind:

The #1 mastermind to help you go from feeling stressed about money, burned out, and “handcuffed” to your business to…

2x, 3x, or even 5x your revenue and experience true freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur so that you can take more time off, spend time with your family, and NOT have to deal with constant financial struggles.

All by showing you how to think abundantly, generate massive amounts of wealth, and live a life of prosperity.

What's Included?

  • Bi-weekly training sessions and group coaching calls to help you make the right mindset shifts to start thinking DIFFERENTLY so that you can make more money in your business while working less.
  • The EXACT strategies you can “copy and paste” into your business to immediately start working less hours…without it affecting your bottom line.
  • Personalized action steps to help you instantly implement all the amazing things you’re learning so that you can make progress each and every week.
  • ​Direct coaching from Dr. Jay in every session so that you can get a personalized roadmap to start making more money, remove yourself from your business, and live a life of abundance & prosperity.
  • ​A supportive community of impact-driven entrepreneurs to network with, ask questions and get all the support you need to scale your dream business.
  • ​Access to all program materials and session recordings so that you can watch and rewatch trainings as many times as you want.

Join The Money Mindset Today & Get INSTANT Access


We want you to be 100% confident that you'll get results from THE MONEY MINDSET MASTERMIND.

If, after your first 30 days of the mastermind, you discover that it's not a good fit, simply let us know and you'll get a full refund!

That’s right, you can test drive the FULL Money Mindset Mastermind for 30 days RISK-FREE and if you don’t absolutely love it you’ll get a full refund.

Which means you can start increasing your revenue and working less with ZERO risk.

So click the button above or below and get started today!


Who is the Mastermind for?

This mastermind is for business owners who are sick and tired of “just getting by”, feeling like they’re a slave to their business and essentially have a “high-paying job”.

For the entrepreneur who feels like they’re working so hard, trying with all their might to scale their business, but nothing is working.

In short, if you want to scale your business and increase revenue without having to give up more of your free time, this is the mastermind for you.

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to increase your revenue, reduce the number of hours your work each week, and eliminate any stress or fear around money.

Ultimately you will be able to design your business to give you wealth AND freedom, not just a paycheck.

Can I start at any time?

Absolutely! As long as we have available spots in the mastermind you can join anytime. Once you join the mastermind you’ll have instant access to all previous recordings plus you can join us on our bi-weekly trainings right away.

What if I decide I don’t like it?

The coolest part about this mastermind is you can test-drive the ENTIRE program for 30 days risk-free.
If you decide for ANY reason you don’t 100% love the program, just let us know and you’ll be refunded the full investment of the mastermind.

Join The Money Mindset Today & Get INSTANT Access

If you’re still reading this, that means you’re still on the fence.

Look, I get it, making any investment in yourself or your business is a big decision.

But can I be honest with you for a moment?

Right now you’re at a crossroads…

You can keep doing things like you always have…and you’ll keep getting the same results.

Continually working more and more, sacrificing more time with your family, barely staying afloat.

Living each day in fear of not being able to make enough money to pay the bills.

And eventually, you’ll end up so sick from all the stress and worry you won’t be able to run your business…

Then what?


You can make a decision today to not only start doing things differently but THINKING differently.

So that a few months from now you wake up with a healthy mind, healthy bank account, and the ability to live your life free from all the stress and worry.

The biggest problem you’re going to have is deciding what you want to do with this newfound freedom.

Will you take a vacation?

Pick your kids up from school every day?

Maybe have a weekly date night with your spouse?

The choice is yours.

But before that, you have to make a decision TODAY.

Are you going to sit and ponder for the next few months, hoping something will miraculously change?


Are you going to take action?

Actively stepping into the entrepreneur and business owner you KNOW you could be.

Get INSTANT access to the Money Mindset Mastermind today.

Dr. Jay LaGuardia Host

Best-Selling Author On Amazon, Founder Of the Power Passion Prosperity Podcast, Entrepreneur, 30+ Years Experience as a Chiropractor, Multiple Practice Owner/Operator, and Consultant


From time to time Dr. Jay will have special speakers and coaches join the MasterMind to share their own insights, philosophies, techniques, and strategies.
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